Privacy Policy

Services provided by The Flower Shop are not just excellent in the term of timely delivery but also quite high in customer satisfaction. With our superior services, quality of the flowers and customer handling skills stand us different from the crowd.

Privacy is an important part of one’s life no matter in which way a person wants to have it. For a businessman, it is not just important but it is more than that. We at The Flower Shop know our responsibility in securing your personal information and other major facts. Maintaining the privacy of your all information shared with us is our prime concern and we are committed to do so.

With our privacy policy, one thing is assured to our customers and users that nothing is going to be leaked or disclosed at our end. We do not share any info or details of any of the users over any web page or any unauthorized person.

Secure Policies That Make Us Different

  • • As we believe in customer satisfaction therefore, privacy is something which we always keep in mind. 
  • • The information which the company gathers through emails, messages or calls are strictly limited to us.
  • • We do not generally ask for any personal details until it is extremely important at our end.
  • • It is just because that we want to connect with you via different modes of communications to serve you better and provide you all the updates about our prestigious services.
  • • Sometimes to make the payment completed from the third party, we have to send some of your details to them but it will not lead you to any trouble.

Things We Generally Ask

  • • We ask our customer to provide first name and the last name while placing the order or connecting to us.
  • • To create your personal account, login id of the active email address and the postal address along with the phone number can be required.
  • • We never ask our customers to provide bank details like account number and PIN numbers.
  • • Our Payment mode system is quite safe and secure and with the authentic and secure payment gateway, none of our system saves your password and PIN number.
  • • The general information about the customer/user can be used in the case of re-registration or any update in the format of the website.

Online Payment Mode: Safe and Secure

For a successful transaction, information given by you at the time of placing the order will be shared with our associate bank and authorized distribution providers. Only necessary information will be shared with these parties so that there will be no issues in your transaction processing and delivery of the product. As these parties are bound to ensure all information related to you therefore nothing will be leaked. Before associating with any new partner, we always ensure its successful past record and authenticity in the market.


There are many ways in which we use cookies here like your last viewed products or chosen on our website. To offer you better shopping experience, we even use cookies to collect certain pieces of personal data and that is stored at your working devices such as Laptops/notebook/PC. For your knowledge, we would like to inform you that cookies saved in your laptops or computers won’t harm your device in any case.

No date related to your transaction saved in cookies which means you are always processing your order safely and securely. One has to understand as well that for placing a order, it is important for them to allow cookies to save their computers or laptops else they won’t place their order. For cookies settings, please go to your browser setting and allow cookies to go through your system. In case you are facing any difficulties, you can simply contact our customer care and resolve the issue in real time.

We do not compromise with the quality of the product and services. But still, if you have any suggestion to improve our services to serve you better, mail us at

Website Disclaimer

All information mentioned on the website is informative and only for general purpose. We always strive to make the information up to date and relevant, however, we are not liable of any kind of warranties and the consistency, aptness or availability regarding the website or the information of the other websites linked to us. We are even not liable for using website content or information for any other purpose. Trusting on any miscreant in this case is completely at your own risk. The Flower Shop is not responsible any loss or damage occurred due to such cases. The information and content of the third parties websites may have linked to our website and in such cases, we don’t have any control on such websites therefore clicking on those links are solely at your own risk. We always strive to make website work flawlessly still there are chances of any technical error due to which website can work slowly and temporarily unavailable so in such cases, bear with our team. It also needs to understand that the information uploaded on the website can be changed without any prior notice to make the website up to date therefore we ask our customers to visit the website regularly to know the changes.